Pregnancy Support

Pregnancy Support


Considering whether to try for pregnancy can raise issues for women and their partners, particularly when there have previously been fertility challenges, difficulties with past pregnancy or birth, or loss of a baby. Even if you decide to try, pregnancy is a time of massive life change and transition, and can be a time of joy, sickness, anxiety despair, and more:even when it’s a planned and healthy pregnancy. A difficult pregnancy or birth can be even more of a rollercoaster, not to mention if there is a miscarriage, stillbirth, or loss of a baby. 

Pregnancy and birth are not always easy, and it’s good to know that the government funds session for pregnancy support counselling. This is designed to allow women to talk through any issues related to a future or intended pregnancy, a current pregnancy, or recent pregnancy. Three sessions are available per pregnancy. A signed and dated letter from your GP is all that is needed to access the Medicare rebate for pregnancy counselling from a trained professional. 

Dr Emma is trained in pregnancy support counselling and offers this service. 

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