Why Choose Us?


Emma has the highest possible level of training for a clinical psychologist and operates at a high standard of professional and ethical service. Emma regularly invests in continuing professional development, to ensure a high level of service. Informed consent is also an essential part of the service provided- ensuring that you know what intervention is recommended, why, and the expected benefits.

Caring and understanding

Emma is friendly, caring, easy to talk to, and understanding. She holds positive regard for her clients.


Emma is committed to her professional development to facilitate providing the best possible service to clients. Knowledge is regularly updated through training, conferences, and examining scientific literature.


Goals for therapy will be established at the initial session. Symptoms of distress are measured regularly throughout treatment, to capture improvement and change. These will be presented to you and discussed in the context of your goals and circumstances.


Emma has 19 years’ experience and has worked in a range of different settings.


Values-based practice

Emma holds several values that inform her psychology practice:

  • Support: Providing understanding, emotional support, and practical skills to support you to achieve your goals
  • Respect: Having a positive regard for you, and not judging you or your choices
  • Empowerment: Working in a way to support people to change their lives, through providing resources, information, and knowledge at your disposal
  • Client-focus: Focusing on what you want and need out of treatment
  • Evidence-based practice: Doing what works
  • Collaborative: Your voice is the most important in the session; therapy will be done with you, as you are the expert regarding your own life
  • Integrity: Being authentic, present, and following up on agreed activities