Regardless of personal views, in Australia, abortion is a common medical procedure. It is hard to quantify how many abortions occur each year because surgical ones occur for many reasons- not just to end a pregnancy. (Yep, this is healthcare).

You know women that have had one.

We all know women that have had one.

You might be a woman who has had one.

The stigma and judgement around abortion prevent real conversation about this common procedure: You don’t know who might be safe to tell. So you stay isolated.

Abortion being criminalised overseas is a frightening turn of events for many American women.

Women deserve more.

Women deserve to be able to choose what happens in their lives and to do this free from judgement, as well as criminalisation.

No one gets excited to have an abortion. It is a choice that is made for a reason, and sometimes many reasons.

Even if you don’t agree with abortion: There can be recognition that it is something people arrive at out of necessity within their circumstances. We can all respect that this is part of our system for a reason and that women are people capable of making their own decisions within their own lives.

Dr Emma is trained in non-directive pregnancy support counselling, which provides a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore whether a pregnancy is right for you or not, and to gain information about your options. 

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