The Hot Drink Hack

The Hot Drink Hack


Remember in the old days when you used to have a hot cuppa whenever you wanted? And then, having kids made this a thing of the past or an occasional indulgence?

I remember missing this (a hot coffee) so much when I had babies. I got used to microwaving my coffee 1 or 2 separate times to have it warm- because it would just go cold most of the time.

I’m hoping this hack might help some other mums be able to have a hot drink if, like me, you miss this. Whilst I no longer have babies, this hack helps me have a hot coffee in the busy mornings, where sometimes I don’t get to drink it for 30-40 minutes.

1.Firstly: What type of mug are you using?

I found using a tall but narrow mug made a difference. Having a smaller opening/mouth on the mug (as opposed to a wider one) means there is less heat rising up off your cuppa, which can help it stay warmer that bit longer.


2. Heat up your mug before making your hot drink.

Making a hot drink in a cold/room temperature mug cools down the hot water a bit. If you pour boiling water into your mug first and let it sit for a minute, it makes the mug hot so there’s no heat loss when you make your cuppa.


3. If you use milk, take the chill off it.

Heat it up in a milk frother or similar, or just put it in the microwave for a few seconds to take the chill off it. It won’t cool down your cuppa as much.


4. And finally, if you’re not drinking your coffee/tea this second: Do you have a small plate to cover your mug with? Put it on top of your mug to trap the heat in!


It can be a busy life when you have little people to care for, and sometimes the small luxuries, like a hot drink, can be just what you need. It’s no fun having it cold or microwaving it!

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