What can you do if you have scary thoughts about your baby?

What can you do if you have scary thoughts about your baby?


Did you know…

Between 70 – 100% of mums with babies will have frightening thoughts about something bad happening to their baby?¹²

This is a really high number, but it’s something that people don’t talk about. These thoughts can involve accidental harm (such as worrying about SIDS, your baby getting sick, or leaving them somewhere) or intentional harm (like seeing yourself shake or hit your baby).

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You wind up alone with your thoughts and distress- not an ideal start to enjoying life with your baby.


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Sometimes other people just won’t understand. You might feel judged or dismissed. You may even hear comments like:

  • ‘What’s wrong with you?’
  • ‘Why would you think this way?’
  • ‘Are you actually going to hurt the baby?’
  • ‘Just don’t think about it’
  • ‘Focus on the positives’

And more…


But sometimes, when you dare to open up, you can find the right person who gives you understanding- so you feel less alone. Maybe they can even help point you in the right direction. But, for many women, this experience is few and far between.


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Given how many women can experience worrying thoughts about their babies, it’s time to start a helpful conversation. One that gives you the understanding you need, as well as the skills to manage.

You don’t have to start your baby’s life by being distressed by what’s happening inside your mind. This is exactly why I created ‘Let’s Talk About Scary Thoughts After Birth… And How to Survive Them’. You’ll learn everything you need to know about scary thoughts, including how to manage them and reduce their frequency. ??’? ????????? ????.


And here’s the best part- ??’? ???? $37. I really wanted this course to be accessible to any mum, anywhere, with any financial position.


Have hope mama- help is on the way, if you decide this is for you.



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