Feeling Comfortable in Your Home

Feeling Comfortable in Your Home


Feeling Comfortable in Your Home


How to cope with the fear of break-in, and recover after a break-in.



This is for the people of Townsville.


You’ve felt the concern: What if someone breaks into your home?

Or you’ve experienced it: Your home has been robbed, and maybe more than once.


Townsville has been plagued by a culture of opportunistic break-ins overnight, when people are often in their homes sleeping. According to the Queensland Police Service (2023), there were 5,157 counts of unlawful entry in Townsville in 2022- an increase on previous years. And, it’s been increasing over the last four years.


Home is supposed to be your secure, safe place. It has a psychological impact when your safe place is violated. And you don’t even have to be robbed to be affected: there are many people in Townsville who haven’t been robbed, but who worry about robbery because of the high crime rate.


This e-book is for you if:

̴  You have ever been concerned you might get broken into.

̴  Your home has been robbed.

̴  You want to know what to do immediately after a break-in.

̴  You want to effectively manage the emotional impacts of a break-in.

̴  You want to gain the psychological tools to recover and move forward after a break-in- because sometimes the effects can be long-lasting.

̴  You’re unsure how to discuss the break-in with your children and support them.

̴  You’re unsure whether you need additional support after a break-in.

̴  You want to know how to manage your thoughts and anxiety about getting broken into, or to cope as effectively as possible after a break-in.


This e-book offers practical and quality psychological skills to manage the impacts of home invasion and robbery, reduce anxiety and stress, and help you feel comfortable in your home again.

A free sample is available to download here:


Product Details

Available as a PDF download via e-mail.

Length: 29 A4 pages.

Language: English

File Size: 650KB

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About the Author

Dr Emma Black is Townsville-based Clinical Psychologist who works in private practice. She is a mum of two boys and is passionate about supporting women and their well-being. Dr Emma has authored multiple peer-reviewed journal articles and this is her first e-book.




Queensland Police Service (2023). Queensland Crime Statistics. Retrieved from https://mypolice.qld.gov.au/townsville/queensland-crime-statistics/

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